Patient Treatment

Please Bring with you a chronological health history that includes the following:

  • Treatment goals
  • Current medications: name, dosage, code effect, positive effects
  • Past medications: when discontinued, reason discontinued
  • Chronological history: that includes major life events, surgeries, trauma, past medical issues, when resolved, residual symptoms if any, supplements you take, medication allergies, food allergies or sensitivities, family history – what do people in your family tend to get of die of, Social history,exercise, any history of early childhood trauma, surgeries, auto accidents, falls, and abuse, and any relevant additional information
  • Medical conditions: please describe symptoms as well as the name of the medical diagnosis that has been given to you

Forms to Fill in Preparation for a Visit

Below are links to forms in PDF format. You can download print and fill them out in advance to save time. Otherwise you will need to come early to fill them out.

Dr. McMakin is licensed Oregon chiropractor and a clinical specialist in pain, inflammatory and neurological conditions and various chronic health conditions. Her specialty is differential diagnosis of chronic conditions and the use of Frequency Specific Microcurrent to treat these conditions. As a chiropractor, Dr. McMakin cannot prescribe, comment on, or modify the dosage of any prescription medication. She can recommend nutritional supplements, lifestyle and exercise changes and over the counter medications. Dr. McMakin is considered to be a specialist consultant and is not an appropriate choice for ongoing or primary care. If you have had a recent change in severity of symptoms, onset of worrisome new symptoms or significant unintended recent weight loss please consult with a primary care physician near you prior to seeing Dr. McMakin.

Reports of positive outcomes in case reports, books, podcasts, webinars or articles are not a guarantee of a positive outcome in any particular case or condition with a particular patient. Outcomes will vary depending on many factors and there is never any guarantee that Dr. McMakin’s evaluation and treatment will create a positive outcome. There is the promise that she will work diligently to provide quality care.