You asked for a training space. We found it.

We are now open.

The vision — become part of the FSM story

FSM practitioners have asked for a place to train and experience FSM in a clinical setting.

This shell of a building in Troutdale, just outside of Portland Oregon, is the future home of the FSM Clinic and Training center.

This training center is what we need to provide in-depth experience and training for clinicians to achieve excellence as FSM practitioners.

When it is finished, this place will provide treatment rooms, filming space for practicums and live stream trainings, and space for a physical therapist who can show you how to rehab patients with exercise and FSM.

Patients from all over the country are waiting for this FSM center of excellence to be finished. There is a waiting list already.

Practitioners can bring their difficult patients and follow them from history, through treatment and rehab and contribute to the body of FSM knowledge and research.

When you look at the floor plan you’ll see desk and training space for as many as four practitioners at a time who want to take a deeper dive into FSM by training with Dr. McMakin in the clinic in one week, two week, four week and 12 week training programs. One of those spaces could be yours.